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DFG Rent a Car
General Terms and Conditions

Rental Agreement Terms and Conditions (“Terms & Conditions”)

1. De nitions. “Agreement” means these Terms & Conditions and the Face Page. “You” or “your” is the person named as the renter in this Agreement, each person signing this Agreement, each Authorized Driver and each person or organization to whom charges are billed by us at its or the renter’s direction. All persons referred to as “you” or “your” are jointly and severally bound by this Agreement, including all payment obligations. “We”, “our” or “us” means Dash Financial Group in this Agreement. “Authorized Driver” means (a) the renter and the renter’s spouse; (b) additional renters listed by us in this Agreement; (c) if the renter is a business entity, renter employees who are permissible drivers on the entity’s auto insurance policy; (d) the renter’s employer, employee or coworker who is engaged in a business activity with the renter; and (e) a person who operates the Vehicle: (i) while parking it at a commercial establishment, or (ii) in an emergency. Each Authorized Driver must be at least age 21. Only Authorized Drivers may use the Vehicle. “Vehicle” means the car or truck identi ed in this Agreement or its replacement and includes tires, tools, accessories, equipment, keys and Vehicle documents. The Vehicle may be equipped with GPS or other telematics system or an event data recorder, and privacy is not guaranteed. “Loss of Use” means the loss of our ability to use the Vehicle due to damage or loss, including for non-rental uses, such as display for rent or sale, opportunity to upgrade or sell, or transportation of employees. Damages for Loss of Use are di cult to determine with precision, and you and we agree that: Loss of Use will be calculated by multiplying the number of days from the date the Vehicle is damaged or lost until it is replaced or repaired by the daily rental rate; and this represents a reasonable estimate of actual damages and not a penalty. “Diminished Value” means the di erence between the fair market value of the Vehicle before damage and its value after repairs as calculated by a third-party estimate obtained by us or on our behalf. “CDW” means Collision Damage Waiver. “Physical Damage” means damage to, or loss of, the Vehicle caused by collision or upset. Physical Damage does not include comprehensive damage such as damage to or loss of the Vehicle due to theft, vandalism, act of nature, riot or civil disturbance, hail, ood or re or other loss not caused by collision or upset. “Charges” means the fees and charges incurred under this Agreement.

2. Rental; Indemnity. This is a contract for rental of the Vehicle. We may repossess the Vehicle at your expense without notice to you if the Vehicle is abandoned or used in violation of law or this Agreement. We may monitor the Vehicle through telematics devices to the extent permitted by law. You agree to indemnify, defend, and hold us harmless from all judgments, claims, liability, costs and attorney fees we incur resulting from or arising out of this rental and your use of the Vehicle. We make no warranties, express, implied or apparent, regarding the Vehicle, nowarranty of merchantability and no warranty that the Vehicle is t for a particular purpose.

3. Vehicle Condition/Return. You must return the Vehicle to our rental o ce or other location we specify, on the date and time speci ed in this Agreement (or sooner upon our oral or written demand) and in the same condition as received except for ordinary wear. Our written demand will be deemed delivered to you 2 business days after being placed in the mail by Certi ed Mail addressed to you at the address on the Face Page. If the Vehicle is returned after closing hours, you remain responsible for all loss of and damage to it until we inspect it at our next opening for business, and time & mileage and optional service charges will continue to accrue until our next opening for business. Service to the Vehicle or replacement of parts or accessories during the rental must have our prior approval. You assume full responsibility for expenses you incur without our prior approval. You must check and maintain all uid levels and return the Vehicle with at least the same amount of fuel as when rented unless you purchase pre-paid fuel.

4. Responsibility for Damage, Loss, Tolls, & Infractions. You are responsible for all damage to or loss of the Vehicle, including damage caused by vandalism, weather, road conditions and acts of nature, whether or not you are at fault. You are responsible for: (a) the cost of repair of the Vehicle; or (b) if the Vehicle is not repairable, or if we elect not to repair it, the fair market retail value of the Vehicle on the date of the loss less salvage. You are also responsible for Loss of Use; Diminished Value; appraisal fees; towing, storage, and impound charges; and a reasonable charge for our administrative expenses. You are responsible for all tolls (“Tolls”), toll evasion nes, and other nes, fees, penalties, charges, and taxes (“Citations”) related to or arising out of a moving or non-moving tra c violation assessed against you, us or the Vehicle during this rental. You must report all accidents, theft, or vandalism to us and the police as soon as you discover them. If authorities notify us that we may be responsible for a Toll or Citation, you will pay us or a third-party processor (“Processor”) an administrative fee of up to $99 for EACH Citation or Toll incurred during this rental, and you authorize us to release your rental and payment information to charging authorities and the Processor for billing and processing purposes. If we or a Processor pay a Toll or Citation, you authorize us and the Processor to charge all payments and fees to the payment cards you used to pay for this rental.

5. Prohibited Uses. The following uses of the Vehicle are prohibited and breaches of this Agreement. The Vehicle shall not be used: (a) by anyone who is not an Authorized Driver, not licensed to drive, or whose driver’s license is suspended; (b) by anyone under the in uence of alcohol, prescription or non-prescription drugs; (c) by anyone who obtained the Vehicle or extended the rental by giving Us false, fraudulent or misleading information; (d) under circumstances that could be charged as a crime other than a minor tra c violation; (e) to carry dangerous or hazardous items; (f) to carry persons or property for hire; (g) to push or tow anything; (h) in a race or speed contest; (i) to transport more persons than the Vehicle has seat belts, to carry persons outside the passenger compartment, or to transport children without approved child safety seats as required by law; (j) to teach anyone to drive; (k) outside the continental United States without our prior written permission; (l) with inadequately secured cargo; (m) on an unpaved surface; (n) when the odometer has been tampered with or disconnected; (o) when it is reasonable to expect you to know that further operation of the Vehicle would damage it; (p) if applicable, by anyone who lacks experience driving a manual
transmission; (q) to transport an animal (other than a service animal); (r) in or through a structure where there is insu cient clearance (width or height); (s) in a wanton, willful, or reckless manner that results in damage or loss the vehicle or to third parties and their property; or (t) by anyone who is driving or operating the Vehicle while operating hand-held devices, including cell phones, mobile computers, or other devices that are capable of receiving or transmitting telephonic communications, electronic data, email or text messages, while not in a hands-free mode. Removing or disabling a telematics device from the Vehicle is a breach of this Agreement.

6. CDW. If you purchase Collision Damage Waiver (CDW), we waive your responsibility for a portion of Physical Damage as noted on the Face Page. CDW does not apply to loss or damage to portable devices you rent or to theft or theft-related damage. If damage or loss results from a Prohibited Use described in paragraph 5, your CDW will be void, and we will not waive your responsibility for damage to or loss of the Vehicle.

7. Insurance. You are responsible for all injury, damage and loss you cause to yourself or others. You will provide liability, collision and comprehensive insurance covering you, us, and the Vehicle. If state law requires us to provide auto liability insurance, we provide auto liability  insurance (the “Policy”) that is excess to all other valid and collectible insurance whether primary, secondary, excess or contingent. The Policy provides bodily injury and property damage liability coverage with limits no higher than minimum limits set by the nancial responsibility laws of the State whose laws apply to the loss. You and we reject PIP, medical payments, no fault, uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage and other optional protection, to the extent permitted by law. To the extent such protection is imposed by operation of law, that protection will be for the minimum limits required by law. The Policy isvoid if you breach this Agreement or fail to cooperate in a loss investigation by us or our insurer.

8. Charges. You permit us to reserve against your payment card deposit at the time of rental a reasonable amount in addition to the estimated charges. We may use the reserve to pay all amounts owed to us under this Agreement. You will pay us at or before the conclusion of this rental or on demand all Charges, including but not limited to: (a) time and mileage for the rental, or a mileage charge based on our experience if the odometer is tampered with; (b) optional products and service you purchase; (c) taxes, surcharges and other fees; (d) all expenses we incur recovering the Vehicle if it is not returned as promised; (e) all costs, including attorney fees, we incur collecting payment from you or otherwise enforcing or defending our rights under this Agreement; (d) a 2% per month late payment fee, or the maximum amount allowed by law, on all past-due amounts; and (f) a cleaning fee up to $350 if the Vehicle is returned substantially less clean than when rented. All Charges are subject to our nal audit. If errors in computation are discovered after the close of this rental, you authorize us to correct the Charges with the issuer of the payment card used for this rental. An administration charge, not to exceed $100.00 will be charged to RENTER/DRIVER(S) in the event of a credit card chargeback that is proved to be valid to the cardholders issuing bank.

9. Lost or Damaged Property. We are not responsible for loss of or damage to personal property that was left with us or carried in or on the Vehicle, regardless of who is at fault.

10. Miscellaneous. This Agreement constitutes the entire agreement between you and us and cannot be modi ed except by a writing that we have signed. All prior representations and agreements between you and us regarding this rental are void. If you wish to extend the rental period, you must obtain our permission before the Due-In Date; we may require you to return the Vehicle to our rental o ce for inspection. Our acceptance of payment from you or our failure, refusal or neglect to exercise our rights under this Agreement is not a waiver of any other provision of this Agreement. To the extent permitted by law, you release us from all liability for consequential, special or punitive damages in connection with this rental or the reservation of a vehicle. You waive all recourse against us for criminal reports or prosecutions or other actions that we take against you as a result of your breach of this Agreement. If a provision of this Agreement is deemed void, the remaining provisions are valid and enforceable. You agree that we may disclose your personal information to law enforcement agencies or other third parties in connection with enforcement of our rights under this Agreement and other legitimate purposes. Questions regarding privacy should be directed to
the rental location. DFG-FL Terms and Conditions 2021

DFG Rent a Car
General Terms and Conditions

Smoking is not permitted in our vehicles. If you smoke in one of our vehicles, you will be charged for additional cleaning up to $250 plus tax.
Security Deposit will be released on customer’s credit card once the rent ends, and the timeframe will depend on your financial institution (it can take from 10 to 15 business days). Customers who fail to cancel their reservation at least 48 hours prior to pick up time, fail to show up for the reservation or do not qualify for the rental will be subject a one-day rental charge or a $50 admin fee, whichever is higher.
All cancellations must be through the original booking source or notified in writing to our email [email protected]
If you do not present any of the required documents, the documentation is not valid, the driver´s license is expired or you do not have enough money in your credit card, the car rental agent can refuse to deliver the vehicle and no amount will be refunded.
Any changes in pick up time needs to be notified in writing to our email [email protected] at least 48 hours prior to the reservation to ensure availability. If we are notified later than that, availability is not ensured for the rental vehicle or category. Mentioned car makes and models are indicative only. Vehicle of the same class may be provided.
Rates are calculated based on collection/return to the same rental location unless a different pick-up and drop-off location has been specified in the reservation.
Rental days are calculated on a 24-Hour basis from the scheduled pick-up time.
Additional charges for extra equipment are paid locally.
Service is not provided for an unconfirmed reservation.
Multiple or duplicate reservations must in different names, or those reservations may not be honored and are subject to an admin fee


Minimum rental age is 21 years.
It is allowed to add up to 2 additional drivers. There is a charge from of $12.99 plus tax per day per additional driver.
A young driver fee of $14.99 plus tax per day applies to all drivers under 25 years old. The maximum rental age is 74 years.
A senior driver fee of $9.99 plus tax per day applies to drivers aged 70 and above.


The driver license must have been issued by authorized authorities at least 1 year before the date of the commencement of the rental.
To pick up the car, the following documents are required: valid driver license, credit card on a main driver’s name, Passport or ID card, Full Insurance coverage Proof.


The renter must provide valid driver’s license in Latin alphabet, issued at least one year prior the rental. If renter’s driver’s license is not in Latin alphabet, international driver’s license is required.
For non-US residents: the passport or another government-issued ID as the secondary form of identification will be required.


It is renter’s responsibility to check the vehicle thoroughly at pickup time. Vehicle must be returned in the same condition as when rented (interior and exterior must be acceptable for further rental without cleaning) to avoid regular cleaning charge up to $35 plus taxes. In case that the renter is not satisfied with the condition of a car, the station needs to be informed immediately for its replacement.
Excessive staining, internal damage, smoking or unpleasant odors will be charged for at the supplier’s valet rates from $250 plus taxes


Minimal rental duration/charge is 1 day, maximum is 30 days. For rentals longer than 30 days, the renter must return the vehicle to the rental office for a maintenance and Rental.

  • Free cancellation or modifications with a full refund up to 48 hours before pick-up time.
  • Airport surcharge, Vehicle registration fee, Energy recovery fee, VAT (value added tax).
  • Unlimited mileage within the State of Florida (for non-Florida residents only). Florida
    residents are eligible for 50 free miles per day. Excess of allowed mileage cost if $0.79 plus tax for extra mile.
  • Complimentary shuttle service to and from our Locations to the Airport Car Rental Center.
  • Insurance (TPL, CDW, SLI).
  • Tolls use, Toll violation charges, tickets, parking and traffic citations, related admin fees.
  • Delivery collections

Local renters’ restrictions: Florida and Georgia residents must provide their own insurance full coverage and a major credit card, both on the name of the main driver.
It is prohibited to use the vehicle to provide transportation network services (I.E., Uber or Lyft), food or delivery services (I.E., Uber Eats, Postmates, Instacart), or for any other commercial purpose.
All our rental cars are equipped with a transponder that is glued to the windshield of the car and is not removable. Personal transponder device from the customer is not allowed.


a) There is no refund for early return. All amounts paid are non-refundable. No exceptions.
b) If the renter does not appear within 1 hour after the scheduled pick-up time, THE COMPANY has the right to declare NO-SHOW event and not to provide a car in case the renter shows up later, unless the customer contact and notify before about the change, where the reservation is subject to the availability of our vehicles. If THE COMPANY had the vehicle available after placing NO-SHOW on reservation, a reinstatement fee of up to $65 plus taxes may be apply.
c) Vehicle must be returned by the date and time indicated in Rental Agreement. There are 2 hours of a grace period to return vehicle free of charges, depending on the hour of picking up. Otherwise, the Late return charge up to $160 plus tax may be applied.
d) Costumers who fail to cancel their reservation at least 48 hours prior to pick up time, fail to show up for the reservation or do not qualify for the rental will be subject a one-day rental charge or a $50 admin fee whichever is higher. All cancelations must be through the original booking source.


THE COMPANY request a security deposit up to $2,500 to rent the car.
Security deposit may be used to pay any amounts owed to rental agency under Rental Agreement terms and conditions at the end of the rental.
Security deposit is charged against the customer´s credit card at the moment of pick up and will be released once the rent ends. The timeframe will depend on your financial institution (it can take from 10 to 15 business days).
The Security Deposit must be made with a credit card. If the customer decides to use a Debit Card for the deposit, they may incur on additional charges.


The Lost key charge from $450 plus tax is applied (subject to vehicle model) if keys or fobs are lost or badly damaged plus keys / fobs delivery cost or vehicle towing cost to our nearest location. If you locked the keys or key fobs inside the vehicle and request an assistance from us, we will charge you for the cost of delivering replacement keys (key fobs) or unlocking the Vehicle or towing the Vehicle to our nearest location depending on circumstances. All these charges can be deducted from your security deposit.


The vehicle fuel policy its back-to-back if we provided with a full tank must be returned with the same amount to avoid additional charges. If the car is returned with a lesser amount of fuel, a refueling charge from $9.99/gallon will be charge. Any unused fuel is not refundable


In Florida must of roads/bridges/tunnels/express lanes you can use a Toll service which allow the renter the possibility of use all Florida toll an unlimited number of times.
Toll service is not mandatory; however, all the rental cars are equipped with a transponder that is glued to the windshield of the car and is not removable. Personal transponder device from the customer is not allowed.
If the customer removes of pre-installed transponder leads to its damage which entails a fine $250 plus tax all transponders are provided with a seal confirming the integrity of the device. A transponder with a damaged seal is considered damaged.
We have third party company who offer three options for Tolls:
1. Tolls Activation $10.99 plus tax per day – At the end of the rental you pay the value of the tolls you went thru.
2. Unlimited Toll option for $12.99 plus tax per day unlimited use. No charges after rentals ends.
3. Decline Toll Service: $14.99 plus tax admin fee per day if used plus the value of the tolls that you consumed.


a) Renter is responsible for all tickets, parking and traffic citations, and any other fines occurred during the rental period.
b) Admin fee up to $95 plus tax, applies to each ticket or citation, if any. This fee includes post expenses, notary expenses and our administrative expenses. When the vehicle is towing for being parked in a prohibited area, not having paid the parking fee or participated in an accident, in addition to the expenses of the Towing company, a fee from $375 plus tax would be applicable for notarial expenses, administrative expenses etc.


At the time of pick up, customers will be required to pay the amount of the rental and leave a security deposit, which is a Hold against the customer´s credit card.
The following payment methods are accepted: MasterCard, Visa, Diners, Discover.
We don’t accept American Express.
It is necessary to present a valid credit card in the rental office in the name of the main driver to pre-authorize / charge the amount as a deposit.
Additional insurance (Collision Damage Waiver CDW with zero excess/deductible) must be purchased mandatory if using the following payment method(s): Cash, Debit cards.


When a renter, additional renter, or authorized additional driver presents an eligible checking account debit card at the beginning of the rental to qualify to rent, THE COMPANY will perform an insurance verification with the customer’s personal or business auto insurance carrier to verify that the insurance policy has been prepaid for a minimum of 30 days from the date of the rental and will provide collision and comprehensive insurance benefits to cover the rented vehicle.
If the customer’s auto insurance policy fails to provide collision and comprehensive insurance benefits for THE COMPANY vehicle, the rental agreement will not be processed unless the customer provides a major credit card with verifiable rental car damage coverage or purchases the optional Coverage from us.


To prove customer’s non-US residence, customer must be able to provide on our demand Driver’s License of a country of residence in customer’s name, returning air ticket to a country of residence in customer’s name with departure date.


Must use their own TPL + CDW. To use renter’s own insurance, the renter must provide us with proof of valid and collectible TPL + CDW in renter’s own name.
We accept insurance from companies:
State Farm, Liberty Mutual, Geico, Progressive, Erie, All State, USAA, Esurance, Farmers, Travelers, AAA and Nationwide.
If your insurance company is not on our list of approved companies, you will be subject to additional charges and will be subject to verification.
Insurance is required to rent a vehicle, if you will be own insured, you must provide your insurance declaration page – which must be printed with a maximum of 48 hours prior to the pickup of the vehicle. It is acceptable at the time of pickup to present the information in the mobile app. This information must match the name last name and address of the main driver on reservation. Insurance must include a minimum USD liability coverage and provide full (collision and liability) for rental vehicle. If you will be using your own insurance a deposit to cover your deductible plus damages will be required from your credit card.
Insurance from Puerto Rico or Canada is not accepted.
Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) can be declined using your credit card, if the insurance offered by the card has the necessary coverage. Only if the payment of the car rental made at the counter with the same credit card used on the web site.
There is extra an additional charge from $24.99 per day for Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) – subject to vehicle model.
Supplemental Liability Insurance (SLI) is offered at the time of rental for an additional daily charge. If accepted, SLI, provides the renter and authorized drivers with up to $1,000,000 combined single limit for third party liability claims.
There is extra an additional and mandatory charge from $29.99 per day for Supplemental Liability (SLI) – subject to vehicle model.
The maximum amount for the Collision or Comprehensive Deductible that we accept is $1,000.00, over then that the customer may incur on additional charges.


1. If your policy coverage or any valid claims that are refused by your insurance carrier will be your responsibility.
2. If you decided to use your own Insurance as coverage for the vehicle, we offer a service that will waive your deductible to zero in case of an accident as long as you file a claim with your insurance company, by paying an extra charge from $19.99 per day and provided that the vehicle is used in accordance with Rental Agreement terms and conditions.
3. In case of minor damage to a rented vehicle (scratches, dents, etc.) which does not lead to car inoperability, (not all the damages may be considered as needed to be fixed immediately) the rental agency reserves the right to charge customer’s credit card or withhold the required for future repairs amount from Security Deposit, based on market rates. Admin fee
from $45 up to $450 plus tax may be charged in addition to actual repair cost.
4. Items inside the car are not subjects to insure. Except the client has purchased the PAI / PEC insurance. The daily cost is from $6.99 plus tax.
5. TPL, CDW, SLI, Excess Protection may be voided if the renter breaches Rental Agreement terms and conditions.
6. Any accident or loss must be reported to local Police and a case number provided. Failure to do so may void TPL, CDW, Excess Protection, PAI/PEC. The renter must immediately inform the rental agency about all and any accidents / damage even if they are minor. Noncompliance of this term may void TPL, CDW, Excess Protection, if any. It is strictly prohibited to leave the place of accident without an issued Police report since it may be considered as “hit and run” which is a criminal offense under Florida law, unless your life is in imminent danger. Renter is responsible for all damage inflicted to the rental unit, even when said damage is inflicted by a third-party.


Infant / Child / Booster safety seats are available for $6.99 plus tax per day. The renter is the only person responsible for the proper choice and installation of a child safety seat.
GPS navigation unit is available for $6.99 plus tax per day.
Glass and Tire Cover (GTC) $2.50 plus tax per day.
Roadside Assistance $2.99 plus tax per day.
Local unlimited miles for Florida Residents from $19.99 plus tax per day.
Cell Phone Sim card $50 plus tax each.


*Vehicles can only be driven within the state of Florida. Under no circumstance vehicle may leave the State of Florida, otherwise, the renter is charged $1,000 plus tax of cross border fine plus a mileage charge $0.25 plus tax per mile of entire rental mileage.
One-way rentals, international rentals, Cross border rentals are not allowed.


For your convenience we offer you a VIP service which has a cost of USD 100.00 plus taxes, to return outside of our Service Hours at the Airport. (Call for more information or ask in the counter)


We use reasonable commercial efforts to ensure the accuracy of all information posted on our website or distributed to other websites. Our liability, if any, shall be limited to the amount of rental charges paid to us. The terms and conditions and prevailing law covering the rental shall be those stated on the rental contract presented at the rental location.
Please be sure to read our General Policy for valuable information. If you have any questions, please call us as Reservations are valid until one hour after pickup time.